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Welcome to IDT,

the Capacity Development and Transformation Change Agent.

My partners and I enable and transform Start-ups, SMEs and Institutions to survive and thrive in the new digital era. Ambition: Creating impact and progressing sustainability by including the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Markus Donath is passionate about International Digital Transformation and Change Management projects. He has acquired international experience in countries like in the MENA region, Emirates, USA and Europe.

Markus sees himself as a business architect by developing and implementing sustainability strategies. He contributed his expertise to private sector companies and latest to Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) as the Head of the Private Sector Development Programme in Egypt.

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Transformation Services

Change Management

Yes indeed, it is mandatory to pave the way for Digital Transformation through Leading Change. And it’s not “only” about technology. I believe that the healthy collaboration between People, Processes and Technology is the most important change approach and at the same time the challenge to survive and thrive in the age of Digitalisation. By the way, implemented use cases showed: “People are the most important resource and asset, when we talk about Digitalisation”. Therefore, cultural and social competences are playing a major role for change agents.

Organisational / Institutional Development

A look into the “Company 2030” shows us that we will find new organisational and information landscapes that make use of other market strategies and concepts. Today’s networking in and with many different areas is already forcing us to bring about change. Therefore we have to deal with a feasible and successful transformation of the existing structures into the “New World”. A clear message: align the organisation, i.e. people, processes and technology, with new situations. I talk about the „Impact Propeller4Sustainability“. And why all this? A glance at the following topics alone gives us an idea.

Capacity Development

IDT understands the mission critical role that education plays in your digital transformation strategy and assure you that the participants in the IDT Education Center of Excellence will receive practical-oriented courses and inspirations for their job role. We call it “Business Value Trainings”, which will enable the participants for higher productivity in a team-oriented environment. Topics like e.g. roadmap and enablement for Industry 4.0, analysing the Digital Transformation readiness and develop process solutions, creating impact through future-oriented Business EcoSystems and business models are covered.

International Cooperations

Companies that I value highly because of their many years of industrial experience and professional expertise. And that we complement each other in the international business environment in a practical and market-oriented manner.

Tomorrow Labs

Industry 4.0 | App Development

Energypedia Consult

Result oriented Monitoring in Development Cooperation


Content-Infrastructure for global projects


Agile Software Development

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