Discovering the digital beauty and to creating impact

It’s nothing new, but it’s different. And if we take a closer look, then our current communication and marketing behaviour has many analogies to meeting and communicating, e.g. in ancient Egypt. The communication meeting point (social networking) was the market place. Today we call it cloud, community, twittering, etc. Announcements, insights, initiatives were presented with meaningful symbols and hung up at important places and communicated with them.

Not only technologies have become much more mature, but also people, in order to simplify their daily business and private activities. Provided that we apply knowledge, processes and technologies in a meaningful way that is tailored to our requirements. Either we are already so deeply “stuck” in complex and unsatisfactory processes, their processes and application structures that we no longer dare to move a stick in this Mikado heap. We torture ourselves through what already exists, adapt it again and again, perhaps make it even more complicated in order to maintain operations or make a decision. Or we don’t dare, or only with great difficulty, to try something new, perhaps much simpler? We forget something very important: acting in the sense of TRANSFORMATION. INNOVATION. THE FUTURE.

But how can we successfully transform ourselves into the new era of Digitalization?

If you have decided to go new ways, i.e. to introduce THE FUTURE, then the best thing you can do is to communicate with a coach you trust, who understands your business and private requirements, speaks your technical language, understands your culture, who can not only write the words Enterprise 2030 and Leadership 2030 and who can give you really useful hints right through to implementation. In other words, a person who can transform you into the next era with simple means. And we must all take these steps, otherwise we will certainly not be handing over the baton in our own team.

It will be a perfect situation, if you already started to dive together with your diving team in the deep blue sea to watch the beautiful sea life space of colourful digital objects. But how do we deal with this beautiful and challenging digital world? And how do we better understand it in order to use it sustainably for our (new) business models and develop it further? And to enhance the competitiveness of our company and make it fit for the future?

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